Freddie Jones, XL Catlin

Freddie Jones, XL Catlin

BA Economics and Finance I XL Catlin Development programme

What is your role? 

Graduate Trainee (Finance)

What degree did you study for, and from which university?

BA Economics and Finance from the University of Exeter

What do you do in a typical working day? 

As the work I perform varies from quarter to quarter, there’s no typical working day! However, my work does usually involve significant use of Microsoft Excel and other accountancy software to solve problems, perform reconciliations and produce reports for XL Catlin.

How does your role fit into the wider insurance picture? 

The main purpose of my role in External Reporting (Finance) is to provide financial information to the regulators (Lloyd’s of London) and shareholders of the business. It’s important that results produced by our company and underwriters are reported by the Finance function. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?  

The office at XL Catlin has a great culture and the work is interesting and varied!

What is the most challenging part of your role? 

The difference between insurance-based accountancy (what I do for my job) and 'normal' company accountancy (what I’m studying through the ACA) can often be confusing!

What do you need to be successful in your role?

The ability to identify and solve problems quickly and easily. 

Have you taken any professional qualifications?

I’m currently studying towards the ACA (Chartered Accountancy) and have taken the CII Award in London Market Insurance.

What have been your career highlights so far?

Last summer we presented our graduate projects to key business leaders in the company, which was a clear highlight (so far)!

What are the main benefits of working in the profession? 

That insurance is vital to the economy and society as a whole, protecting the public and businesses through providing risk management. 

Why did you choose a career in insurance?

Having two members of family who work in the sector, I have always been interested in insurance and more specifically the Lloyd’s of London market. « Back to case studies